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Teaching Philosophy

The guiding aim of my teaching is to make philosophy resonate with my students. I introduce philosophy as a set of conceptual and methodological tools that students can use to shed light on previously muddled or taken-for-granted aspects of their lives. In my experience, once I get students to find how philosophy is relevant to their lives, it becomes easier to guide them through the class assignments and activities that will help them sharpen their critical thinking skills and reflect on the class material. My second goal is to give students the means to acquire agency over their learning. To this end, I rely on student feedback over the course of the term to adapt class assignments to my students' varying interests and styles of learning. I also design class assignments that incorporate elements of self-and-peer assessment. Finally, I like to bring the interdisciplinary approach of my research into the classroom. I often introduce relevant materials from other disciplines and encourage my students to do the same. 

Sample Syllabi

Philosophy of Race and Racism

A lower-level undergraduate course that explores three central theoretical questions in philosophy of race: a) what is race?, b) what is racial identity?, and c) what is racism? The course also addresses contemporary social problems afflicting racialized communities. 

Introduction to Political Philosophy

A lower-level undergraduate course that covers central topics in political philosophy: political authority, liberty, distributive justice, and oppression. 

Contemporary Civilization in the West I

An intermediate general education course that offers a critical overview of major texts in Western political and religious thought. 

Temple University

Undergraduate Courses

  • Africana Political Philosophy

  • Contemporary Social Philosophy

  • Latin American & Latinx Philosophy

  • Philosophy of Race and Racism

Graduate Courses

  • Philosophy of Race: The Concept of Racism

  • Social & Political Philosophy: Structural Injustice

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